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NeoMagic (R) Corporation Business Update

Milpitas, California, May,29,2019 Neomagic Corporation (OTC: NMGC), today provided a business update on key strategic initiatives;  Maximizing value of Core Products and Mercado Magico brand.


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NeoMagic Corporation continues to experience organic growth through its semiconductor products and sales on its MercadoMagico platform.

The Company continues to maintain its core business with shipments of its core product line of MiMagic application processors.

NeoMagic’s eCommerce division,, has experienced a steady increase in website traffic, as well as a rise in the visit to conversion ratio, as a direct result of continuing investments and refinements to its eCommerce site.

MercadoMagico has added a new category “China Direct”, with the addition of China Direct customer now have access to products shipped directly from China to the United States.

The Company is now in the process of actively pursuing strategic partnerships, joint ventures and/or merger and acquisition opportunities to expand its products or technology offering. The Company's goal is to continue to focus on identifying new opportunities to monetize existing MiMagic family products, to facilitate its ability to return to full-time financial reporting.

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NeoMagic Corporation, headquartered in Silicon Valley, a pioneer in SOC (System On A Chip) and embedded dynamic random-access-memory (DRAM) technology, the integration of complex logic, memory and analog circuits into single-chip solutions, designed to offer the lowest power, smallest form-factor and best multimedia features and performance.

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